About The Gentlemen’s Corner

For the founder and staff of the Gentlemen’s Corner, appearances are everything. And since the first store of the Gentlemen’s Corner brand opened in Pinehurst in 1978, well-dressed and sharply-appointed men in the region have come to know it as the premier source for the finest clothes, accessories and service.

Launched originally by Chris Dalrymple who later partnered and continued to grow with Harrison Sasser, The Gentlemen’s Corner is the place to shop for mens clothing. The four stores – found in popular hotspots in North Carolina like Pinehurst, Wilmington, Cary, and then in Palm Beach, Florida – keep in step with the latest fashion trends and the most prestigious manufacturers available.

Using some of the best brands in the industry, which are proudly displayed in each of the stores in colorful array, Dalrymple, Sasser and their knowledgeable teams can put together a customer’s ensemble for any occasion. From a typical day at the office, an outing on the boat, or special occasion, the GC will ensure you look your best. And while styles ebb and flow over the years, the Gentlemen’s Corner holds to a simple truth; good taste is, and should remain, constant in any gentleman’s wardrobe.